When it comes to suspender belts, the two most common questions that people ask me are; "How do you go to the bathroom in that?" and "Should I wear my knickers under or over my suspender belt?"

The first thing I want to mention is that there are no rules around how to wear your clothes, play around with them and just go with what works for you.

However if you're new to suspender belts or are hesitating about trying them then I can certainly give you some guidance!

Personally speaking, I wear my knickers both under and over my suspender belts. My general rule is, if I'm wearing big knickers I wear them over my suspender belt, but if I'm wearing small knickers then I will wear them under.

Big knickers are generally a little harder to manoeuvre if they are under the belt, which is why I just keep my life simple by wearing them over. This way I can just pull them down and leave my suspender belt in place when going to the bathroom.

The Nylon Swish 8 strap suspender belt

I tend to wear smaller knickers underneath the suspender belt mainly because I prefer the aesthetic of having the straps over my knickers. I also know that when it comes to going to the bathroom, it's very easy for me to pull them down without having to fuss around with the suspender belt. 

The Nylon Swish 14 strap suspender belt

It's important to feel comfortable in your underwear so make sure you do what's best for you!

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Elinor xxx



October 27, 2019 — Elinor Lloyd-Philipps



Annabel said:

CommentI love your blog! A great topic for discussion.

Lori Parker

Lori Parker said:

CommentI agree with your advice!


Ladyclerk said:

I agree with the ‘larger over smaller’ way of doing it.

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