My backpiece progress

I have wanted a traditional Japanese back piece for over a decade now. Only recently have I managed to find an artist who I believed could truly make my tattoo dreams come true. That man is Kian Forreal of Authentik Ink in Sydney. Make sure you check out his work, it’s incredible, seriously.

My first few consults were mildly terrifying if I’m honest, Kian was to the point and a little abrupt. I was therefore slightly nervous about my first session. I shouldn’t have been, he was so kind and made me feel very comfortable (despite me having to be completely naked all day in the shop!).

I wanted to record my progress, so here it is… and yes, it hurts!

Session 1 – April 2017

Session 2 – May 2017

Session 3 – May 2017

Session 4 – August 2017